Pulp Friction

Theraprutic Deep Tissue Massage

Gorgeous Mug Facial

Of course most of our services can be enjoyed by both men and women, these services were specifically designed to appeal to men.

Alchemy has created a Brew & Renew signature package for men, but the ladies can certainly enjoy it as well! Beer is low in pH and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants ​making for the perfect ingredient to soothe and moisturize the skin.
The package includes:
A stout scalp massage (stout infused with essential oils are massaged into the scalp)
60 minute hop stone massage (a hot stone massage with hop oil instead of our basic massage oil)

60 minute Face-ALE  (a custom mens facial)

30 minute pale ale foot soak, with a beer for sipping!

2.5 hours $297

Brew and Renew​​

Specifically designed for males needs to rejuvenate that gorgeous mug. 

60 minutes $135

Treatments Designed for Men

A full body scrub using all naural sugar scrub with sweet orange essential oils, and an application of sweet orange lotion.
60 minutes $105

​Incorporating deep tissue techniques to relieve chronic tension and stress.  Our massage therapist work with the deeper, underlying muscles to alleviate long-term pain and discomfort.  This massage is also good for those that like deeper pressure during a massage.  Our integrative massage can be upgraded to therapeutic deep tissue at any time during the service.

60 minutes $120

90 minutes $160