Massage Therapy

Upgrade to Deep Tissue $15
Aromatherapy $15
​Coconut Oil $15
Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation $20
Anti-Aging Face Massage $25
Clay Back Masque $25
Back Scrub $25​
Peppermint Foot Scrub $30
Sweet Orange Foot Scrub $25

Integrative Massage
Classic relaxation massage utilizing various Swedish techniques to promote stress reduction and relaxation.  This is ideal for clients that are looking to relax or have minimal complaints of chronic tension and pain.  The perfect massage for a first time experience.
60 Minutes $105
​90 Minutes $145

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
​Incorporating deep tissue techniques to relieve chronic tension and stress.  Our massage therapist work with the deeper, underlying muscles to alleviate long-term pain and discomfort.  This massage is also good for those that like deeper pressure during a massage.  Our integrative massage can be upgraded to therapeutic deep tissue at any time during the service.
60 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $160

Aromatherapy Massage

Customized therapeutic essential oils are added to the massage to restore balance to mind and body.  Discuss the possibilities with our massage therapists to learn the benefits of our customized blends.
60 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $160

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used as an extension of the massage therapists hands to release muscle tension.  Our massage therapists will use both hands and stones during the session to thoroughly heat and release deeper, underlying muscles.  Perfect for those that get cold after massage or like the added heat.
60 Minutes $140
90 Minutes $170

Warm Coconut Massage​
Utilizes warm hand-made coconut compresses to soothe tension and enrich the skin.  The massage therapists use the soft coconut compresses and their hands to heat and release deeper, underlying muscles.  The difference between this massage and the hot stone are that these compresses are soft and the hot stones are hard and the coconut compresses release the skin moisturizing benefits of coconut oil for ultimate hydration. 
60 Minutes $145
90 Minutes $185

Alchemist Massage
The best massage in Princeton NJ.  If you have ever felt like you could design your ideal massage experience this treatment is for you.  Our signature massage allows you to customize the massage to suit your individual wants and needs.  Our massage therapists will combine their best techniques paired with enhancements you choose to create a service that is uniquely yours.
​The possibilities of combinations are endless.
90 Minutes $185

​Energy flow over the body to improve well-being.  A technique that allows the therapist to channel energy into the client by the means of light touch.  The purpose is to enhance the natural energy flow of the client and reduce any blockages of flow.
​60 Minutes $95

Our highly trained, fully licensed massage therapists have a combined 200 years experience.  Each massage is tailored to the clients individual needs to enhance health and well-being.  Our massage therapists go far beyond the superficial to profoundly rejuvenate and indulge your senses in an experience that is beyond compare.  

Massage Enhancements

Customize your treatment to fit your individual needs.  These can be added to any of the above massages.
When adding an enhancement to online booking simply write the enhancement you
would like in the note section of the appointment.
​An unlimited amount of enhancements can be added to the Alchemist Massage at no additional cost.